Study Participation

Are you interested in taking part in scientific research? Please see below for a list of studies that are actively recruiting. If you meet the eligibility requirements, please contact the study coordinator via phone or email as indicated. All information is kept confidential. Please check back regularly for new listings or sign up to receive e-mail updates.

Research Participation Registry

The Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the Waisman Center is looking for individuals who would like to participate in a research registry. This is simply a list of people who have given their permission to be contacted and invited to participate in future research studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Many of these research studies are paid. Your participation in these studies is voluntary and you may discontinue your participation in any study at any time. By helping research studies enroll participants from a wide range of backgrounds, this registry will help to ensure that the results of a study apply to a broad range of people.

What kind of research would I be contacted about?
The details of each study will be clearly explained when you are invited to participate.  In general, our group is interested in emotion, the brain, as well as physical & mental health.

Who’s eligible?
Anyone 18 years or older.

Contact: John Koger 608-263-0132 or email

Baby Brain & Behavior Project

The Baby Brain & Behavior Project investigates early brain and emotion-related behavior development. The purpose of our research is to learn more about how very early experiences influence the developing brain and impact child well-being. We are building on over twenty-five years of collaborative research. For the first time, we will observe brain and behavioral development concurrently during the first weeks of life and throughout the first two years of life.

We are enrolling pregnant women who are 18-40 years old, not expecting multiple births, and who are less than 28 weeks.  For more information, call 608-890-3073, email at or visit

Well-Being Study

The Well-Being Study seeks participants for a research study on the impact of health wellness classes on the brain and body. If enrolled, participants complete up to 7 lab visits over a period of 10 months. Lab visits include a MRI brain scan, EEG sleep study, computer tasks and other measures.

If you are 25-65 years old and do not have asthma, see our website at

If you are 18-64 years old with a current diagnosis of asthma, see our website at

If you have any questions about the study, please email study staff at or call (608) 263-0803.

Economic Decision Making Study

We are inviting adult volunteers to participate in a series of experiments regarding decision-making, body awareness, and well-being. You will be compensated with pay and/or fun prizes! Each session lasts between 30 minutes and 2.5 hours. Sessions will be held in the Brogden Psychology Building, 1202 W Johnson St. Call 608-886-6229 or email for more info, or to sign up!

Other research studies at the Waisman Center

Click here for a list of other studies being carried out at the Waisman Center.

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